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On Likeness and Difference: Modern Art of Middle East and the Confines of Modernism

Third Annual Conference of the Association for Modern and Contemporary Art of the Arab World, Turkey and Iran
October 18-19, 2013
Kevorkian Center, NYU”

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On Likeness and Difference: Modern Art of the Middle East and the Confines of Modernism


Friday, October 18NYU Abu Dhabi 19 Washington Square North11:00-1:00

Writing the History of Art outside Art History 

Historicity processes and art histories in Tunisia and Algeria
Gillet-Ouhenia Fanny & Annabelle Boissier, EHESS, Paris
The New Art History of Turkey – An Analysis of Turkish Contemporary
Art Historiography
Ceren Özpınar, University of Leeds
Interior/Exterior: Institutional Critique and the Iranian Institution of Art
Kamal Zargar, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Ottoman and Qajar Modernisms: A Comparison that Provincializes
Staci Gem Scheiwiller, CSU Stanislaus
Discussant: Kirsten Scheid, American University of Beirut


The Construction of Difference

Cosmopolitanism and the Roots of Moroccan Modernism
Holiday Powers, Cornell University 
Architecture after Independence: Decolonization, Modernity and the
Search for Selfhood in Housing Projects of Tunisia, 1956-1970
Nancy Demerdash, Princeton University

The Art of Transdifference. Ornamental Patterns in Modern and Contemporary Egyptian Art
Judith Bihr, a.r.t.e.s. Graduate School of Humanities, Cologne

Nation and Difference in Early Twentieth Century Egyptian Art
Elizabeth Miller, Maryland Institute College of Art 

Discussant: Arindam Dutta, MIT

Saturday, October 19Hagop Kevorkian Center at NYU 255 Sulllivan Street10:00-12:00

The Problem of the Modern in Iran

Re-examining the ‘Modern’ in Mohammad Ehsaei’s Naqqashi Khatt
Roshanak Keyghobadi, Artist/Independent Scholar 
Gauging the ‘Iranian-ness’ of Modern and Contemporary Iranian Art:
Three Artists, Three Generations
Maryam Ekhtiar, Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Issues of Plagiarism and Authenticity in Early Modern Art of Iran:
‘Judgment for the Public’ as Visual Art Criticism
Hengameh Fouladvand, Center for Iranian Modern Arts

‘Iranian or Not?’ That Indeed Might Not Be the Question
Talinn Grigor, Brandeis University 
Discussant: Pamela Karimi, UMass, Dartmouth


Similarity and Difference: the Case of Cubism

The Case of Faiq Hassan: Imitative or Innovative? The Limits of the
Comparative Method
Tiffany Floyd, University of North Texas 
Cubism in Turkey, 1933-1953: Belated? Bergsonian? Bektashi?
Wendy M K Shaw, Universität Bern

The Phantasm of Picasso: Jewad Selim,, Yahya al-Wasiti, and the
Founding of Modern Art in Baghdad
Saleem Al-Bahloly, UC Berkeley
Discussant: Caroline Jones, MIT


Open discussion

By Ceren Ozpinar (*)
*Participation support for the conference with Ceren Özpınar is generously provided by SAHA Association.www.saha.org.tr

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Sponsored by the Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies at NYU and NYU Abu Dhabi