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Noqtah/Art Points: AMCA Instagram Live Conversation Series on Modern & Contemporary Art of MENA

The word noqtah and its variant forms, nuqta/noghteh/nokteh/nokta, in Arabic, Persian, and Turkish is a marker of language, point of view or perspective, and the dot or proverbial ink drop of creation across the shared artistic languages of the MENA region. Moderated by AMCA board member, Dr. Pamela Karimi, and AMCA social media coordinator, Dr. Elizabeth Rauh, Noqtah features 20/30-min conversations in English by leading art historians who discuss major themes through the work of an artist they have studied over the course of their careers. Noqtah highlights themes in modern and contemporary arts of MENA that frequently surface syllabi and pedagogical programs across the world. These include religion, identity politics, censorship, war, memory, trauma, revolutionary events, migration, oil and environmental economies, diaspora, formalism, site-specificity, continuity of traditional concepts/skills, gender, queerness, and other analytical lenses and worldviews. Noqtah, AMCA Instagram Live Conversation Series, hopes to reach out to those who want to learn from leading experts and ultimately be inspired by these materials in their own research, teaching, and artistic practice. Bibliographic data as well as an album of important artworks accompany these live conversations. Recorded conversations and supplementary materials will be accessible through AMCA’s Instagram Page (@amcaorg) as well as the AMCA website (

Our inaugural live conversations include discussions by scholars Wendy Shaw and Charlotte Bank on the topics of religion (Oct 22, 1pm EST) and censorship (Nov 06, 1pm EST), respectively.

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